About EnrWey

Established EnrWay Co.,Ltd in Aug 1994,having more than 26 years of experience in development and manufacturing,We are the best of taiwan's tact switch manufacturer.

Our factory is located in Guangdong, Dongguan, china, the oem factory is located in Zhejiang, Wenzhou.

Adhere to insist on kind consciousness; EnrWey demands perfection in all aspects, including research, development, production, quality assurance and marketing. EnrWey continues to strengthen the management team and nurture talented persons in order to lay the foundation of long lasting operation.

EW switches can be widely used in IOT applications, such as cloud device, smart home, automotive, white goods, health care products, industry, security telecommunication…, etc.

EnrWey continues to focus on the switch business and commits to develop new technologies for smart phone, automotive and Illuminated switches. Our goal is to release a variety of switch products for our customers to fulfill the fast changing market demand.

A switch is a energy, the energy is activated with the flip of a finger; The switch, open your world.

We might the one who is inconspicuous,but we could be the keystone in every position.

Business philosophy and vision

EnrWey insists on the :Good service, Good quality, Good price and Fast delivery.

EnrWey is upholding in order to supply the best products and services, "Unity , sureness, efficiency and responsibility "It is the spirit of our company. We to be the taiwan's largest tact switch manufacturer.