Company History

Aug 1994-EnRwey was formally established, in Taiwan to mainly trade and market electronic switches and connectors, and is the general agent of DaeSan Korea in Taiwan.

Aug 1995-Established a factory in Zhengzhou, China, and established "Zhengzhou Brotherly Electronics Co., Ltd." which mainly produces electronic switches such as micro switches and tact switches.

Oct 1996-The establishment of "Brotherly" brand, (China, Taiwan) trademark registration.

Jan 1997-Cooperation with German FRIWO group,general agent in Hongkong and Taiwan region.

Jan 2000-EnRwey obtained approval of ISO 9002 certificates.

2001-resolution was passed to divest and terminate the operation of the factory of "Zhengzhou Brotherly Electronics Co., Ltd."

Jan 2004-EnrWey expanded its scale of production, purchasing its own factory and office buildings.

Sep 2007-EnrWey embarked on the strategy of internationalization by establishing a office, the EnRwha Electronic , in Shenzhen, mainland China.

Oct 2009-EnrWha create "EW Switch" brand, focus on the Chinese market

Jan 2010-Investment automated production in the Wenzhou, as our OEM production base.

May 2015-Investment automated production in the Dongguan, establishing "Dongguan factory" as production base.

Oct 2016-The "EW Switch" brand, (China, Taiwan) trademark registration.

Nov 2017-The Micro switch ,SM Series in "EW Switch" has passed UL safety certification.

2018-It became the [switch supplier] of MI Xiaomi OEM factory.

Aug 2019-The Micro switch ,MN Series in "EW Switch" has passed CE safety certification.