About Chinese New Year Holiday Notice

The Chinese New Year holiday is approaching, in response to the covid-19  epidemic and cooperated with the Chinese government's measures to divert the flow of people returning home.

The company’s Shenzhen office, Dongguan factory, and Zhejiang factory have all adjusted the arrangements for the 2021 New Year holiday in accordance with the "National New Year and Anniversary Holidays of the State Council of China" as follows:

Dongguan factory, Zhejiang factory: 2021/01/162020/02 /17. Start to work on February 18, 2020 (Expected).

Shenzhen Office: 2021/02/062020/02/17. 2020/02/18 start to work (Expected).

The last shipping date before the holidays is 01/18, and the first shipping date after the holidays is 02/19. Although our company has introduced automated production for many years, we still kindly ask respected customers to prepare inventory in advance and place orders in advance, just in case Insufficient production capacity around the holidays.